A home for my random programming & maths projects.
Random vectors and rotations in 3D
Choosing truly random vectors in 3D may be tricker than you think...
Searching for a fair, 3-sided coin.
A simulation to try and find the properties of a fair 3-sided coin; One which has equal chance of landing on heads, tails and sides.
Card Network
A tiny neural network in c++
Properties of Lights Out: The Game.
When is a lights out board solvable or not?
Procedural Animation 3: Gradient Descent
Animating arms and tenticles with math!
Jack Boyce's Siteswap Questions
Solutions to a set of juggling notation/maths problems set by jugglinglab creator Jack Boyce.
Procedural Animation 2: Functions
Building complex movement from simple components.
Procedural Animation 1: State Machines
How to make a simple flickering light!