Puzzle Keyboard: A 60% split acrylic mechanical keyboard

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  • Can be used as a 60% normal layout keyboard as well as a split keyboard.
  • It's designed to be lazer-cut in layered acrylic cheaply - no need for expensive metal plates, PCBs or other custom metal hardware.
  • Configurable: I wanted the 'b' key is on the opposite side, but you don't have to.
  • No wasted space in the bottom row (pun intended, apologies). Lots of room for modifiers and layer keys.
  • Hand wired so I can admire the pretty wire patterns (while ignoring some poor soldering).
  • Designed by a friend (who chose to remain unnamed) and myself! He wrote lots of the schematic generation code for a fully split keyboard, while I added in merge-again functionality.




Make your own!

First, create the schematic to cut here, and cut it out of 4mm acrylic. Solder it, and install the firmware from here!