About Me

About Me

Hi, I'm Oisin,

Right now, I'm a Masters Computer Engineering student in Trinity College, Dublin. A longtime hobbyist gamedeveloper, juggler, and machine learning enthusiast, recently I've been trying to up my pure-maths skills, too.

This site collects random projects I've been working on in my spare time.

Other bits I've worked on/am working on include:

  • Silicone Synapse: A VR exhibit with artist AlanJames Burns.
  • Syze.ai: An AI-based startup aiming to reduce returns for online clothing stores.
  • WizardLizard: A 3d puzzle game based on illusions, featuring a procedural lizard.
  • CNP: An old maths problem that is the subject of a recent polymath project.

My CV is a bit outdated now but might be interesting!


Feel free to contact me via email; hi@imois.in. I'm told there are people sharing my name/ background on linkedin but they're not me(!)