Since the start of 2022 I've been taking on occasional freelance work in game development! I've had the great opportunity to work on some really interesting problems with passionate and talented people.

What I've done!

  • Toxcitity Detection: Researched and developed automated toxicity detection in voice chat (using openAI whisper) for Doge Labs VR.
  • I prototyped an iphone game for Wicked Alchemy, which included some interesting procedurally generated levels and gesture controls. (Unity3d, C#)
  • I wrote the bots for Slapshot Rebound, a title by Oddshot Games. This used some new techniques including fast approximate physics using signed distance fields, a custom behaviour/maneuver system, bot reaction times using predicted object locations, gradient descent-based positioning and more. These make bots which are good at the game, require very low computing power, and play (roughly) like humans do. I'm looking to write a paper on what I did, so if that sounds interesting, stay tuned! (Unity3d, C#, Python)
  • I solved rendering (z-sort) issues for Something Classic Games on their title My Familiar. This included writing some tools for level-designers to use, adding features to their asset importer, as well as documenting the issues for future reference (Unity3d, C#)
  • I worked with Stormcloak Games to develop a water shader for their physics-based title. The novel solution uses a procedurally generated tileset to render realtime seamless water caustics and animated edges over constantly changing blocks of water. (GLSL, Python)
  • I developed stylized comic-book shaders as well as a real-time spline-based house building system for LawnFlamingo for their upcoming game. (GLSL, Unity3d, C#)
  • Silicone Synapse (2017)">I developed some materials and visual effects for AlanJames Burns' VR art exhibit. These included morphing creatures using raymarching, procedural animated trees, and more.

If you're interested in hiring me…

Please get in touch! My main areas are Unity3D/ GLSL work, as well as Machine Learning (Deep Learning, NLP, Image Segmentation, Game AI).

What I'm best at:

I can read papers, run tests, and report how I think you and/or your team should approach a problem.
Deep features
I can implement solutions to well defined problems.
Expect well architected code that's flexible and thought through.
although I'm a strong c++, python, java and javascript programmer too.
Shaders, AI (neural networks, behaviour trees…), procedural animation, optimization
I also have a degree in engineering (read: maths, physics).
If I don't think I can do something or I'm not a good fit for the problem, I'll tell you.

What I'm less good at but can still do:

Full game rapid prototyping
especially when it could be assembled using prebuilt Unity/Unreal engine features.
Server things
I've worked with AWS stack and built some APIs, but it's not my strength.
I've used mongodb & elasticsearch in the past, but again it's not something I know particularly well.

What I can't do:

Work for free or for revshare!